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Photoshop expert Arun Kumar created Arunz Creation, a well-known photography and filmmaking school. He’s a well-known photographer who also happens to be a fantastic teacher. Arun began his journey in 2010 with a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of photo editing and customization and Photoshop and Lightroom. He quickly realized that photography was his genuine calling. Arunz Creation’s YouTube channel rose in popularity in no time and has a large family of subscribers now. After creating a reputation for himself on social media, Arun Kumar came up with his creation, Arunz Creation, to help students with photography learning.

Arunz Creation, based inĀ  Photography School in Kolkata, the birthplace of art and culture, wants to provide a platform for amateur and professional photographers in Kolkata, spanning from fashion photographers to wedding photographers, to share information and contribute to the advancement of photography.

Arunz Creation will not only teach photography and videography. Still, it will also use the medium to convey an understanding of art and culture to its pupils because photography isn’t a solitary activity. To create a beautiful image, you must have a thorough understanding of art and culture. It not only provides photography instruction but also aids in the development of the mind’s ability to produce art. That may be used in photography and any other field of art according to the individual’s abilities.

Photography is the most powerful creative medium. The goal of Arunz creation is to combine creativity’s timeless strength with professionalism. The Institute aims to develop professional photographers with a strong understanding of technology and a strong artistic sensibility. As a result, great attention is made to educate the many aspects of photography to fulfil the needs of today’s society.


Offered Courses

Arunz Creation offers various courses in the field of Photography , Videography & Cinematic. All our courses are designed with practical-first approach and has no or minimum theory.

At Arunz Creation our aim is to teach students the latest skills in their chosen field, enhance their personality & communication skills so that by the time course completes they get industry ready.

Some of our most popular courses are

  • Arunz Creation Certification Course in Photography.
  • Arunz Creation Certification Course in Videography & Cinematic.
  • FArunz Creation Certification Course in Hi-End Retouching Workflow.


Certification in Photography
Certification in Videography
Certification in Retouching WorkFlow
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