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Established by one of the finest photographers and photoshop specialists, Arunz Creation aims to promote the art of photography as one of the finest professions out there. The founder, Arun Kumar, being a professional photographer, is an excellent teacher as well. Arun began his journey in 2010 with a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching photo editing and customization fundamentals. He has expertise in Lightroom and Photoshop as well. With time he realised that photography was his genuine calling. Arunz Creation’s YouTube channel rose in popularity rapidly and has a large family of subscribers now. After creating a reputation for himself on social media, Arun Kumar came up with his creation, Arunz Creation, to help students with photography learning.

Students will be educated and prepared to be familiar with and succeed in the newest photographic methods and practise through the courses provided. Arunz Creation’s faculty are industry specialists that are up to speed on the latest developments in their disciplines and operate at a high level in commercial photography.  Professional photographers Course in Bangalore charges a lot for taking pictures. Students will be exposed to real commercial photography sessions and will better understand the industry’s requirements. Every part of the setting, from the location to the facilities to the architecture, is designed specifically for photography education.


Students may fully immerse themselves in the quest of studying photography with like-minded persons from diverse backgrounds in Bangalore. The light is wonderful, making it excellent for photographic studies. You can find fashion photographers to wedding photographers in Bangalore with a great experience. Students at Arunz Creation’s School of Photography and Videography have the chance to work in various photographic disciplines, including fashion, celebrity, wedding, and even filmmaking. The programmes provided at this school equip students with the essential skills, knowledge, and, most significantly, attitude to begin a career in professional photography as soon as the course is completed, and frequently even sooner. 


Offered Courses

Arunz Creation offers various courses in the field of Photography , Videography & Cinematic. All our courses are designed with practical-first approach and has no or minimum theory.

At Arunz Creation our aim is to teach students the latest skills in their chosen field, enhance their personality & communication skills so that by the time course completes they get industry ready.

Some of our most popular courses are

  • Arunz Creation Certification Course in Photography.
  • Arunz Creation Certification Course in Videography & Cinematic.
  • FArunz Creation Certification Course in Hi-End Retouching Workflow.


Certification in Photography
Certification in Videography
Certification in Retouching WorkFlow
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