Arunz Creation: Best Institute of Photography and Videography in Delhi!

Arun Kumar, a well-known photographer, specialising in Photoshop, laid the foundation for Arunz Creation, a well-known institute for photography and videography. Arunz Creation is a well-equipped and reputable training institution in Delhi, the capital state that offers various photography courses. Its goal is to provide students with a systematic and logical approach to learning photography. An institute for students and young people interested in pursuing a profession in photography. You can become fashion photographers, wedding photographer or work in other photography sectors as well.

In 2010, Arun launched a YouTube channel devoted to teaching the foundations of photo editing and modification and Photoshop and Lightroom. He realised soon that photography was his true calling. Arunz Creation’s YouTube channel grew in popularity quickly and now has a big fan base. After gaining a social media following, Arun Kumar founded Arunz Creation to assist students with their photography studies and helped in honing their skills and made them Professional photographers.  

Arunz Creation aims to give a forum for amateur and professional photographers in Delhi, ranging from fashion to wedding photographers, to share knowledge and contribute to the industry’s growth.

Arunz Creation will not only teach photography and videography to its students. Still, it will also utilise the medium to teach them about art and culture because photography isn’t something you do alone. You must have a deep grasp of art and culture to produce a beautiful image. It teaches photography and assists in the growth of the mind’s ability to create art. Depending on the individual’s talents, this might be employed in photography or any other field of art.


Offered Courses

Arunz Creation offers various courses in the field of Photography , Videography & Cinematic. All our courses are designed with practical-first approach and has no or minimum theory.

At Arunz Creation our aim is to teach students the latest skills in their chosen field, enhance their personality & communication skills so that by the time course completes they get industry ready.

Some of our most popular courses are

  • Arunz Creation Certification Course in Photography.
  • Arunz Creation Certification Course in Videography & Cinematic.
  • FArunz Creation Certification Course in Hi-End Retouching Workflow.


Certification in Photography
Certification in Videography
Certification in Retouching WorkFlow
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