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Arunz Creation Certification Course In Divince Resolve & Color Grading

Beginner to Pro 1 Month in-depth course focused on Davinci Resolve, Color Grading and in-depth understanding of Davinci Resolve.
Arun Kumar
237 students enrolled
English, Hindi, Punjabi
Learn Davinci Resolve, Color Grading & much more.
No prior knowledge of tools or software's required.
30 Day Duration (Monday - Saturday).
Daily 2 hour teaching + practice sessions.
Complete Beginner to Pro in just 30 Days.
ISO Certified certificate of completion.
Based out in Ludhiana, check location on contact us page.
Hostel & PG available for outstation students.
All classes personally taught by Mr. Arun Kumar.
Complete mentorship to every student by Arun Kumar.
Limited seats in every batch so that Mr. Arun can focus on every student.
Doubt clearance classes on regular basis.
Hands on exposure to latest & top notch equipments.
Special Focus on personality development of students.
Practical-First teaching approcal with minimal theory classes.

No previous knowledge of Davinci resolve or video editing required.
Basic knowledge of operating a computer is required.

What will you learn?

Davinci Resolve & Color grading
• Create new projects and share your work
• Workflow for Color Grading
• Scopes
• Primaries Wheels
• Nodes
• Primaries Bars and Log Wheels
• Reference for Color Grading
• PowerGrade and Stills in Gallery
• Custome Traditional Curve with a deeper understanding of curve and uses
• Working with Selection of video using Hue, Saturation, Luminance Qualifier
• Skin Selection & Color Tone
• The “Hero” shot & Look and Grading Passes
• Getting Deeper into RGB mixer
• Power Window - Tracking - Remove Noise
• Shot Matching
• Luts - Lookup Tables & OpenFX Panel
• Round Trip from Premiere Pro to Resolve
• Raw Footage vs Log Footage
• Software Setup and Installation

Who this course is for ?
• This course is perfect for beginner-level Photographers, Video Editors.
• Anyone looking to enhance their video editing skills.
•Anyone who is looking to gain practical knowledge in the field of video editing.
• Anyone looking to start their career in video editing.
• Anyone who is looking forward to starting a video editing or videography business.
• Photographers looking to enhance their skills.

Why is this course different?
• Personally Taught by one of the top experts in this domain - Mr. Arun Kumar.
• Progressive difficulty: we start slow and we build our way up.
•Practical-First Approach with No or minimum theory lectures.
• Tons of activities, exercises, and challenges.
• Quality instructor support: I respond to most questions in under 12 hours.
• All lectures are straight to the point - minimal effort, maximum results.
• Latest Tricks & techniques are taught in the classes to make working more efficient and productive.
• Syllabus notebook and 1000 photo manipulation project and Data is given during course along with many freebies.
• Lighting Setup is given to students for practical classes. Indoor and Outdoor practical Lighting classes
• By the end of this course you will be able to use Davinci Resolve with ease, edit video like a pro and will have a good understanding of Davinci resolve, color grading & video editing.
• You’ll also be able to professionally retouch, edit videos and you’ll spend less time doing it pro tips and tricks.
• At Arunz Creation we also focus on enhancing your personality & communication skills so that by the time course completes you get industry ready.

What makes us qualified to teach you?
• All the classes, practice sessions, mentoring sessions are personally taken by Mr. Arun Kumar.
• Mr. Arun Kumar is a renowned name in the field of photography & photo-editing. With 15+ years of experience in the industry, he mentored many brands, worked for many big houses and also teachers photo & video editing over his Youtube channel having more than 500k subscribers.
• The best part in Mr. Arun’s teaching method is the ease with which he makes the students understand complex concepts & fundamentals.

Certification & Affiliation
• To every student completing the Arunz Creation Photography course we povide ISO Certified Certificate which is recognized throughout the country.

Course Duration & Timings
The Entire course is taught in the duration of 30 Days ( Monday to Saturday ) with daily 2 hour classes by Mr. Arun Kumar.

All the classes are taught in Ludhiana, To check the exact location on google map go to the URL - Google Map Link

Hostel and Lodging
For all outstation students Arunz Creation provides hostel facility with all the basic amenities. The Charges for Hostel are just Rs. 4000.

Next batch Starts
Next Batch Starting soon, call us now on +91 9872599659 to register your seats.


Create new projects and share your work

Get an overview about this course. By the end, you'll have a pretty good idea of what you need to learn. Requirements for this course are also included in this lecture.

Understanding of tools from basic to advance level

Get to know more about the various resources available to you.

Workflow for Color Grading

Learn about the various pieces of software that make up WordPress and begin installing it.


Learn about the various environments and editors you can use as an alternative.

Shot Matching
Primaries Wheels
Primaries Bars and Log Wheels
Reference for Color Grading
PowerGrade and Stills in Gallery
Custome Traditional Curve with a deeper understanding of curve and uses

A simple quiz about what you learned so far! Good luck 🙂

Working with Selection of video using Hue, Saturation, Luminance Qualifier
Skin Selection & Color Tone
The “Hero” shot & Look and Grading Passes
Yes, this course take you from absolute beginner to expert so you need not to worry is you are an absolute beginner.
The PG is not very far, its situate a 5 mins walk from the Arunz Creation institute.
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30 Days Course (Mon - Sat)
Daily 2 Hour Class
Complete Mentorship
Practical approcah
Certificate of Completion